Monday, June 05, 2006

Next meeting - finally!

After (it seems like) weeks of back and forth, we've at least settled on a date and location, if not the actual book.

This time around, Joyce has greatly volunteered her abode (and, I believe, swimming pool!) for our enjoyment.

Date: July 9th
Place: Joyce's Cupertino Castle

We've got two books in the running:

Candide, by Voltaire or
Istanbul, by Orhan Pamuk.

Both should be available at your local library or follow the links to Amazon and order one.

Finally, one more shameless plug for the mailing list! If you haven't already signed up, just click the "Sign Up Now" button in the sidebar and sign yourself up. Diane will add you to the list (no spammers allowed) and then you'll be sure to get updates on meetings, books and other madness.

See you next month!


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